05-10 Superduty D60 Weld On High Steer Arm Kit



05-10 Superduty D60 Weld On High Steer Arm Kit –

05-10 Superduty D60 Weld On High Steer Arm Kit – Whether you’ve already taken the plunge and swapped in the famous Super duty axle or are in the planning stage of your heavy-duty axle swap, remember to upgrade the steering to match the axle’s robust nature. Available in a cross-over kit for tie rod and drag link or a full hydro kit. This high steer arm setup utilizes standard 2″ width rod end mounting with 3/4″ bolt holes. It also ties into the stock steering arm location with a HUGE 1-inch grade 8 bolt and weld-in sleeves for maximum strength.

We had a lot of boxes we wanted to check off with this kit, and we were able to do it.
  • Proper Steering angles: We Spent a lot of time working on pivot locations to utilize all the steering angle the 05+ superduty 60s have to offer while maintaining proper Ackerman.
    • 8″ steering travel = 40* steering angle
    • 9″ steering travel = 45* steering angle
    • 10″ steering travel = 50* steering angle
    • * Measurements are based on the innermost mounting hole.
  • Added height for better cross-over steering angles along with a bit more ground clearance and diff cover clearance
  • No worries about it failing – BEEF
    • The kit as designed with a ton of surface area contact to the knuckle to ensure maximum strength.
    • Double shear tie rod mounting designed around 7/8″ rod ends using 7/8″ x 3/4″- 2″ wide high misalignment spacers to run a large 3/4″ bolt.
    • Huge 1″ bolt tied into the factory tie rod location sleeved with 1.5″x.250″ tubing
  • Fit standard 17″ wheels
    • Even with the added height, we could still package it all to fit in a 17″ with 4.5″ of backspacing or less.

If you are swapping in a 2005+ superduty axle, remember to check out our truss kit for these axles HERE and along with the needed brackets HERE.

We designed the kits around the 2005-2010 factory super-duty Dana 60 knuckles. The easiest way to tell what knuckles you have is the 11+ knuckles have a window between the unit bearing and the lower ball joint. The 05-10 are solid, with no open window area. This kit will not work correctly on the 11+ knuckles or F550 knuckles.

Special Notes for 05-10 Superduty D60 Weld On High Steer Arm Kit:

*This kit requires welding and fabrication skills. Only tackle the welding yourself if you’re an experienced welder.
*Factory knuckle tie rod hole will need to be drilled out to 1 inch. If you need a drill bit this big we highly recommend a reamer.
*Offroad Anonymous implies no guarantees or warranties & is not liable for improper installation.
*You will find that grinding & fitment may be required while installing the kit. Axles vary slightly from the manufacturer; fabrication is required due to slight casting variations.
*Does not clear most leaf spring applications
*Designed for a 2″ inside mounting width & a 3/4″ bolt – Rod end kit
*Factory 1480 joints max out around 40*, so make sure to set steering stops before the joint binds. The larger 1550 joints allow more steering angle.

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Crossover Steering (2 hole), Full Hydro Steering (Single Hole)

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HRPO Steel

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