Bushing Mount

Bushing Mount- with choice of bushing



Bushing Mount

If you’re doing a leaf spring conversion on your rig you may need an efficient way to mount your bushings. Our Bushing Mount is a cost effective way to solve the issue while allowing for customization to fit your rig.

The design cradles the bushing allowing you to easily weld the bushing sleeve to the mount. The asymmetrical shape allows custom placement on the frame. As a result you’re able to easily move the mount forward or backward to get the geometry you’re after. Flip the mount 180 degrees and you’re able to have a reverse shackle with a slope built in. Consequently saving time and headache on guesswork.

Each mount is cut from 1/4″ HRPO steel and is left raw to allow for easy welding. We offer these in a variety of sizes, to accommodate different bushing sizes.

Sizes include:
  • 2.625″ wide Bushing with 5/8″ bolt sleeve

You’re able to purchase the bushing size you need or you’re able to choose to go without the bushing all together.

Similarly we offer just the mini shackle if needed or radius arm mounts. Or you can pick up an Anti Wrap Kit to really set that build above and beyond. Lastly we offer a variety of Weld Together Leaf Spring Perches and Universal Spring Plates to really make the rig stout.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 4 × 1.75 × 2.125 in

Yes, No

Bushing Width

n/a, 2.625"





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