Dice DIY Welding Practice Kit

Practice your welding skills



Dice DIY Welding Practice Kit

Our Dice DIY Welding Practice Kit will help you fine tune your welding skills. Once you’re done welding, you’ll have a functional dice that will show off your handiwork.

The dice is good for helping you perfect your speed or rhythm while MIG or TIG welding. Additionally you can use this as a test piece to adjust your settings till you have the perfect combinations. The 6 sides will allow plenty of opportunity to tweak your technique till its perfect.

The pre-cut, square, symmetrical pieces will help you get to the fun part of welding. No need to look for scraps around the shop or prepare pieces. These pieces come ready to weld. This cost effective solution will help make sure your welds are up to par when it matters.

This dice can be a good project for a beginner or can even be a challenge to a seasoned welder. We will offer these dice in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and materials to keep the challenges going. Not only is it a challenge to weld, it’s also a brain game to assemble. Opposite sides of a dice will always add up to 7! Currently we have them in a 3″ size, out of 14 guage mild steel. We plan to add a 6″ option and a aluminum and stainless option in the near future!

Once your dice is completed you are able to set it on a shelf and enjoy your masterpiece. However these could make a pretty indestructible die yard if you purchased 5 of them.

Once you dial in your skill set you’re able to then tackle some harder welding projects such as our Fire Extinguisher Mounts.

Each dice is sold separately.

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