Ford Coyote Motor Mount Kit

Ford Coyote Motor Mount DIY Kit


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ORA Universal Ford Coyote Motor Mount Kit

Our Universal Coyote motor mount kit allows you to swap your Coyote motor into just about anything. Keeping a low profile design, these mounts take up little space and gives you a surface to weld your frame mounts to. This is ideal for swap projects since it gives you full control over getting the engine height correct in your engine bay.

Motor mount kit includes two Coyote motor mount flanges, 4 tabs, 2 bushing kits, and 2 bolts. Made from 1/4″ HRPO steel. The kit comes un-welded.

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Weight 7.5 lbs
Product Material

HRPO Steel

Material Thickness



Grade 8 (Zinc Plated)

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