Offset Axle Shock Mount – Pair

Comes as a Pair

1/2″ Shock bolt hole



Offset Axle Shock Mount – Pair

Are you trying to figure out how to mount your shocks while keeping them down low? Maybe you don’t have room on top of the rear axle to mount them.

These mounts allow you to mount your shocks off the back of the rear axle, along with dropping them down lower to help with packaging. This helps with possibly not having to cut a hole through the rear wheel well tubs or the bed floor. They, however, don’t drop down far enough to sacrifice ground clearance.

Maybe you are not worried about body clearance but don’t have room for bump stops. By moving the shock to the back of the axle, you can now mount your bump stop directly over the rear axle.

The brackets are designed to weld directly onto the axle tube. Laser cut from 1/4″ HRPO steel and bent on a CNC brake to add shape and strength. These brackets are designed to withstand difficult terrain and use while providing protection for the shock eyelet.

They come with a 1/2″ mounting hole, and the inner tab is adjustable from front to back to allow for common shock eyelet mounting widths.

The Kit includes a pair of mounts, enough to mount two shocks.

If you are looking for basic shock tabs instead of our offset axle shock mount, then check out our selection of basic tabs or check out our link/shock mount combo brackets.

*Brackets come UNWELDED; welding is required. Welded pictures are for reference.

*Come as a pair

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Weight 4.3125 lbs

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