Lower Link Bracket with Shock Mount

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Lower Link Bracket with Shock Mount

Linked suspension can be tricky to set up. But with a Lower Link Bracket with Shock mount you’re able to easily setup your suspension and have a place to mount your shocks and links. These brackets are great for doing a three link or four link setup.

The brackets weld directly on to the axle tube. Cut from 1/4″ HRPO steel and bent on a CNC brake to add shape and strength. Notably designed to withstand difficult terrain and abuse. The solid base provides protection to the rod end. The curved snug fit with some welds will aid in making the bracket look factory. The open top design allows you to still modify or replace rod ends in the future if ever needed.

The base comes flat but once the sides are welded to the axle, simply bend the tab around your axle and finish welding. Doing so will provide a skid plate to further protect your linkage. Engineered to fit 3.25″ axle tubing, but can be modified to work with smaller or larger tube with a little fabricating.

Choose between a 2″ mounting width or a 2.625″ width. Additionally you’re able to choose between 0°, 10° and 20°. Lastly choose between a 1/2″ or 5/8″ shock bolt hole. As a result you’re able to mount your suspension joints in a neutral position. Allowing you to maximize your travel.

With the 2.625″ you gain a little bit more adjustability. Designed with an offset of 1/2″ off center. You’re able to choose to mount your shocks inward or outward by easily flipping the tabs.

With incorporating a shock mount with the bracket you’re able to maximize your space. Rigs that have limited space are able to position everything efficiently. Similarly the mount sits slightly lower than the axle itself allowing for even more space savings.

Please note that the spacer and bolt are NOT included!

Sold as a Pair


While working on your linked suspension you may find you’d do not need a shock mount. The Lower Link Bracket can be found without the shock mount. Together with our selection of rod ends and fabrication link tabs a linked suspension should come together easily.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Inside Mounting Width

2" width, 2.625" width


0, 10, 20

Shock Bolt Hole

1/2", 5/8"

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