Truss Mount Upper Link Bracket

Choose between 2″ or 2.625″ inside mounting width



Truss Mount Upper Link Bracket

Are you trying to figure out how to mount your upper links to the top of one of our trusses or any 4-inch flat surface? Want something cooler looking than just some basic tabs?  We’ve designed the Truss Mount Upper Link Bracket just for you.

The 2.625″ mounting width truss Mount Upper Link Brackets are designed around the large 1.25″ rod ends but can work with smaller joints if it has a 2.625″ mounting width.

The 2″ mounting width truss mount upper link brackets are designed around 3/4″ and 7/8″ rod ends with a 2″ mounting width.

The tall brackets measure 4″ from the base to the hole center, and the small brackets measure 2″.

They also have alignment ears built in to make mounting at 0 degrees easy. Do you need a couple of degrees for triangulated links? No problem! Simply cut one ear off the bracket, and you can now rotate the bracket. Meanwhile, the other ear still holds it on the front edge, as a result, making mounting easy.

We offer them in a short and tall version. The short version works great for our rear or tall (standard) front trusses. The tall version works great for our low pro front trusses on the low side of the truss. If you need two upper link mounts on one of our low pro trusses, the short and tall brackets have the same height difference as our low pro trusses, as a result making 4 linking easy.

*2.625″ Inside Mounting width brackets have a 9/16″ bolt hole and can be easily drilled larger.

*2″ Inside Mounting width brackets have a 9/16″ bolt hole. We do not recommend drilling these to 3/4″

*Does NOT include heim joint

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Mounting Width

2" width – 9/16" hole, 2.625" width – 9/16" hole


Short, Tall



Product Material

HRPO Steel

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