Toe Alignment Extension Plates

Toe Alignment Tool Extension Plates

Comes as a set of 4

Includes needed hardware

Comes raw steel, unpainted



NEW Alignment Extension Wing Plates:

We have made our alignment plates even more versatile! We now offer a bolt-on extension wing kit option. For those who want to make it even easier to get your alignment right on your big tire rigs, our wings are here to solve that. The wings bolt onto the main alignment plate and are adjustable from 30″ up to 40″, depending on the holes you use to bolt the wings. When you measure for, say a 1/8″ of toe-in on 30″ tire that grows to almost a 1/4″ of toe-in on 40″ with moving the point out on an angle.

The additional wing kit includes four extension wings and the needed hardware to bolt them on.

Toe Tech:

The relationship of the right and left wheels on the same axle, as viewed from overhead, illustrates the toe angle. Toe angle is achieved by comparing the distance between the center of the front of the tires to a distance between the centers of the rear of the tires on the same axle.

  • “Toe-in” is present when the two wheels on the same axle are closer together at the front and wider apart at the rear. A toe-in condition is also called positive toe angle.
  • “Toe-out” is present when the wheels are further apart at the front and closer together behind the axle centerline. A toe-out condition is also called negative toe angle).
  • “Zero toe” is present when the distance between the front of the wheels (ahead of axle centerline) is identical to the distance between the wheels behind the axle centerline.

*Plates come raw steel

*Includes 4 alignment extension plates – enough for one pair of our alignment plates


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Weight 4.5 lbs

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