Angled Link Bracket

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Angled Link Bracket

Linked suspension can be tricky to set up, but with our angled link bracket, you’re able to easily set up your suspension. These brackets are great for mounting your lower links on a three-link or four-link suspension.

The brackets weld directly onto the frame. Laser cut from 1/4″ HRPO steel and bent on a CNC brake to add shape and strength. These brackets are designed to withstand difficult terrain and use. The solid compact design provides protection to the rod end. They are designed to work with a flat surface. We also added a gusset to not only add strength to the bracket but it also adds more weld surface to the frame to make sure your link mount isn’t going anywhere.

Currently, we only offer them in a 2.625″ width with a 9/16″ hole. In the future, we will be offering them in a 2″ wide option along with leaf spring width options.

2.625″ mounting width option

  • Bracket is 3.125″ tall
  • Bracket is 6″ long plus an additional 1.75″ from the gusset
  • 9/16″ bolt holes

While working on your 3 link or 4 link suspension you may find you’ll also need lower axle link mounts. The Lower Link Bracket with Shock Mount makes tackling that desire a breeze. Together with our selection of rod ends and fabrication link tabs a linked suspension should come together easily.

Bracket sold Individually.

*Brackets come UNWELDED, welding required. Rod end kit not included

Additional information

Weight N/A
Mounting Width

2" width – Individual, 2.625" width – Individual

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