Cordless Tool Hanger

Easily organize your Power Tools- slim design makes it good for any shop.



Cordless Tool Hanger

Power tools are an investment worth having a storage solution for. Our Cordless Tool Hanger will allow you to safely store all your power tools without breaking the bank.

This holder easily screws onto the wall, for quick and painless installation. Use them around the shop to organize each station.  Having a safe and secure spot for your power tools allows you to keep track of the tools easily and saves you from stuffing them in some random drawer where you may forget. The four slots allow space for a variety of tools all in one location.

Made from 14 gauge raw steel and bent on a press break, this organizer will withstand years of use. Easily paint the hanger to match your tool box or tools. It works with most name brand power tools, and the small lip provides a little insurance of holding the item in place.

The holder pairs well with our wall hooksgrinder wall mounts and accessory hooks. Additionally the Aerosol Can Holder can free up some additional space in the shop. With a similar feel in design and execution you’re able to quickly organize your garage allowing for time savings, and a shop space you can be proud about, no matter the size.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

15.75" x

Product Material

HRPO Steel


14 Gauge

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