Angle Grinder Disk Storage Hook

The Grinder Disk Storage Hook provides storage options for a multitude of grinder disks and accessories, along with cords & helmets.



Angle Grinder Disk Storage Hook

Are you struggling with finding a solution for your grinder disks and accessories? Or do you already have our Angle Grinder Wall Mounts but not a spot to store your consumables?  Then look no further; Offroad Anonymous’s Angle Grinder Disk Storage Hook is your solution. You will discover that these handy hooks hold a multitude of grinder disks and accessories. Similarly you may even find yourself using them for your cords, helmets and other small items around your shop.

We want the Angle Grinder Disk Storage Hooks to save you time. That is why we have designed it to easily screw onto the wall, for quick and painless installation. These custom designed hooks were created with the small shop in mind. Upon purchasing the hooks you’ll find you have more space while working on a project. As a result of these hooks your grinding station or shop will be better organized. Therefore enables you to spend more time doing what you love.

Once you’ve bought your hook you can further personalize it by painting it if desired. We leave the 14 gauge HRPO steel raw to allow for customization. You are able to order as few as one or more if desired. The accessories and screws are not included.

You many find that you need additional storage for your shop. You may want to check out the Grinder Wall Mounts or our Helmet Hooks for even more storage and customization.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Product Material

HPRO steel

Material Thickness

14 Gauge

Pack Size

1 Pack, 4 Pack

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