Aerosol Can Holder

Quickly organize your Aerosol cans- slim design makes it good for any shop or trailer space



Aerosol Can Holder

When shop space is a premium, it helps to be efficient about how you handle storage. Our Aerosol Can Holder will help make sense of the sprays and cans you use the most.

These holders easily screw onto the wall, for quick and painless installation. Use them around the shop to organize each station. Do you have a station that constantly has a can of lubricant by it, or a station where you paint?  This holder would allow a home for those cans and clear up space on the top of your tool box or work bench. As a matter of fact keeping cans visual and vertical will help you know when you need more of your favorite brand.

Our design will help keep those cans safe when not in use(no more broken tips). The bent design prevents the can from falling out but low enough to see which product you’re grabbing.  Additionally their are holes for your favorite markers or small tools between the can slots.

The Aerosol Can Holders slim design makes them a good addition for not only a garage but for a trailer as well. Wheeling trips can be unpredictable and having the right fluids handy could make or break the trip.

The holder pairs well with our wall hooks, grinder wall mounts and accessory hooks. With a similar feel in design and execution you’re able to quickly organize your garage allowing for time savings, and a shop space you can be proud about, no matter the size.

  • 2 Can – 7.5″ Wide x 5.25″ Tall
  • 4 Can – 14.5″ Wide x 5.25″ Tall
  • 6 Can – 21.5″ Wide x 5.25″ Tall


Additional information

Weight N/A

2 Can, 4 Can, 6 Can

Product Material

HRPO Steel


14 Gauge

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