Deluxe Storage Kit

Kit Includes

(1) Aerosol Can Holder, (1) Grinder Wall Mount (1) Large Wall Hook, (1) Medium Wall Hook, (1) Small Wall Hook, (2) Disk Accessory Hooks



Deluxe Storage Kit

Time in the shop is valuable and hard to come by some days. We understand this and want you to be able to quickly get to your projects. Simplicity is king so we’ve put together the Deluxe Storage Kit to help you quickly organize your space. You will discover that these custom designed wall mounts keep your aerosol cans and grinder safe and your consumables easily accessible, while providing hooks for your helmet and cords.

The Deluxe Storage Kit was designed as a time saver. That is why we have designed all of the components to easily screw onto the wall, for quick and painless installation. We designed these custom mounts to hold both your 4.5″ and 7″ grinders. The Grinder Disc Storage Hooks will help keep your consumables itemized. The various sized wall hooks will help you hang cords, helmets, hoses and many other items. Lastly the Aerosol Can holder will hold 4 of your favorite lubricant sprays along with your sharpies!

Once you’ve bought your kit you can further personalize it by painting it if desired. All items in the kit are cut from 14 gauge HRPO and left raw. The accessories and screws are not included.

You many find that you need additional storage for your shop. We also offer these individually if you need more or fewer of certain components whether its another Grinder Wall Mount, Aerosol Can Holder, Grinder Disc Storage Hooks, or Helmet Hooks.

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Weight 5.125 lbs

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