Milwaukee Battery Holder

Get all your Milwaukee batteries picked up and oraganized.



Milwaukee Battery Holder

Are you tired of not having a nice spot to store all your Milwaukee batteries? Our Milwaukee Battery Holder has you covered. It is designed with durability and convenience in mind, ensuring your workspace remains organized and efficient.

M12 Batteries:

We offer two variations for organizing your M12 batteries. Both mounts are designed to fit any M12 battery.

The four-battery mount has four holes to hold the batteries securely. The battery charger does NOT fit on the top of this holder.

The two-battery mount with a shelf is designed to hold two batteries on the lower shelf and fit the M12 charger (part #48-59-2401) on the top. The top shelf also has holes to bolster the charger to the shelf for a secure fit if desired. It requires two #8 bolts, which are not included since they are not required to be used. The top shelf also works great for holding extra batteries, but it does not have the profile hole cut into it.

M18 holders, along with combo M12/M18 mounts, are coming soon.

But that’s not all—our comprehensive range of storage solutions extends beyond just battery mounts. Check out our cordless tool hangers if you need a spot to hang the tool also.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Battery style

M12, M18, M12/18 Combo


2 Hole w/ Shelf, 4 Hole w/ Shelf, 4 Hole, 8 Hole, 2 Slot w/ shelf, 4 Slot w/ Shelf, 4 Slot, 8 Slot, 4 Hole-M12 / 4 Slot-M18

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